Ubuntu + XGL = Trouble

Posted on June 8, 2006. Filed under: Linux |

XGL is the main reason i jumped to the ubuntu bandwagon. For the uninitiated, XGL is a next gen user interface with catchy effects to rival that of Vista. Ive seen a video of xgl in action and all i could do was sit and stare! Developed by novell and still in its early stages, it has all the potential to outperform vista. And i personally think that is going to happen.Xgl isnt a replacemtent to Gnome or Kde. It resides on top of your current gdm and acts more like a shell extension (i think) .

Ubuntu Dapper Drake (6.06) had built in support for xgl (precomiled packages that is) so i took the plunge. Never being the linux geek, i found it pretty challenging to download and configure the packages. After everything was complete, a hopeful restart, and all i got was the console!! DAMN! 2 hours wasted to mess up my display! What followed was endless editing of configuration files, and i still havent figured it out 😦 GDM just refuses to run and xserver doesnt start at all! Ill try my hand at it once more, and then comes the favourite task of any windows lover – Reinstalling!! :p

anyone got a clue to start gdm from the console, please leave a comment

Update : Gnome working again!! 🙂


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