Indian ISPs suck!

Posted on July 22, 2006. Filed under: Personal |

im pissed off!! really. how can the ISPs block popular domains like blogspot, geocities, etc when the government asked them to block a few particular blogs. and that too wasnt right! whatever happened to the democratic “free” country where everyone can express their thoughts freely?? i can understand that the govt is under tremendous pressure to keep terrorism under control, but claiming that many terrorist outfits use public blogs to communicate just makes me laugh my ass off! they should know better, and get their facts right rather than going about blocking sites that normal people use daily….

and the accusation wars will begin now. the ISPs have already claimed that the govt had directed them to block the complete domains, something that the govt obviously refuses. who was actually behind this will never be known (so much for the right to information act :p)

on the brighter side, they are back again!! so im not complaining :p like i said, im more bothered about people’s right to free speech, the right to information etc rather than keep blabbering about this episode. and blocking content in the internet isnt something that should be done! i feel its an invation of privacy, and a direct curb of people’s freedom of speech. sadly, nothing will be done about it 😦

lets just hope something stupid like this doesnt happen again.


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