Imsai Arasan Review

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A review i wrote for another site. Didnt even read it twice…. so excuse the mistakes 😛


Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi is a period story about a king – and his twin brother. Set at the time when Kattaboman was fighting the British, this movie is about an imaginary ruler in a small kingdom in TamilNadu. But mind you, this isn’t just another clichéd movie about a king. It deviates from the regular story that we have been used to significantly. Casting Vadivelu as the hero was a coup – a hit or miss chance taken by the director. That being said, the movie completely belongs to him.

Without giving much of the story, here is a small snapshot. Both King Pulikesi and his brother Ugraputran are played with easy by Vadivelu. A good part of the first half belongs to Pulikesi and his histrionics. Brought up by his uncle (played by Nasser), he is a self centered, vain, haughty, dumb king. The way he punishes those in the kingdom is a treat to watch. The director has used the biggest asset he had – Vadivelu to the maximum. The way he carries himself, his language, expressions suite the role of the stupid king perfectly. Unknown to him, his twin brother Ugraputran was separated at birth by the “Evil” uncle. He grows up to be a fine example of a statesman and returns to the kingdom. Then comes the predictable part of the movie – Ugraputran replaces Pulikesi at the throne, takes control of the kingdom, does good, fights the English, and in the end is united with his brother. A noteworthy aspect of the movie is the social messages that accompany the comic scenes. But whether it will go well with the audience is left to be seen.

The acting department is handled with easy by all the actors. No one feels out of place. Vadivelu in particular is at easy whether he is playing Pulikesi or Ugraputran. The two characters are like opposite sides of the same coin. That he has done justice to both is something to be taken note of. This is probably his best performance to date. Other veterans Nagesh, Manaroma, Nasser do not have much to do, although their characters are satisfyingly portrayed. The minister has also done well to keep up with the comic king. The lead ladies have nothing more to do than to look cute and keep smiling.

The music is handled pretty well too. The first song in particular has become a hit among the audience. Scoring the music for a period movie isn’t easy, and the director has come out with flying colors. The location and sets are believable and nothing seems out of place. The art director has to be commended for his effort to put up a medieval kingdom, without too much of an artificial feel to it.

Like every other movie, there are a few minor annoyances here and there. Ugraputran’s character is a rip off MGR’s portrayal as do-gooder in many movies. Although a second character is essential for the story, it could have been done in a better way. And a couple of songs were avoidable too. They do nothing more than slacken the pace of the movie.

All that said, Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi is definitely a good movie to watch. It can very well turn out to be one of the biggest hits this year. Even after weeks of its release, it is still running to packed theaters. The director has mixed a good story line, witty dialogue, good performances, and a terrific narration to give us a movie that has action, comedy, adventure and all other essential elements in the right proportion.

I would give it 8/10 and a “Must Watch” tag to go along with it. Pulikesi has indeed robbed the cine-goers hearts.


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4 Responses to “Imsai Arasan Review”

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Very good comedy and concept movie!
Lot of similarities between modern & old times were compared in this movie.
For instance,
Gapsi and Akkamala drinks for Pepsi and Coke. These drinks are degrading the health of the youngsters and culturally destroys the country.
Sachitha Anandha is similar to Sachin, who won the man of the match in the JaathiSandai.
Previously one company called “East India Company”. Now Multi National Companies.

In the name trade “East India Company” came to India and slowly captured the whole India. Now MNCs are starting to get rooted in India. It is the right time for the youths of India to wake and save our country.

Personally I feel that the scene in which Imsai arasan beheads the british sculpture is simply superb. Indeed this film is having lot of patriotic scenes. This film should be translated/remaked in all Indian languages.

I felt the same emotions when i saw the film “Legend of Bhagat Singh”. Though one is comical and another is of serious cadre, they are patriotic in nature and a good film based on Indian national freedom struggle.

Lot of films of these cadre should be released by the well wishers of India.

Pepsi and coca cola are dangerous drink that no one should drink it. The making of Gapsi and akkamala are thoughtful and humorous. The actresses, actors and sports person getting beating from the king is simply superb. I love it. Here the Aishwarya Rai, Sharukh, Aamir, Rani mukerjee, Sachin are advertising this cheap drink, which is not only degrading the health of the youths, but also plundering the Indian soft drink market by closing all the erstwhile swadeshi brands.

Let us boycott these foreign soft drink brands and safe our India.

yup, in a sense even the humor in the film is thought provoking. the director has to be appreciated for his insightful thinking. He has managed to put across his message withouth making it boring for the audience. Now the people have to follow it..

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