“Downfall” – A must watch!

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“Der Untergang” or “Downfall” to those cannot understand der fuhrer’s tongue, is a movie about, well you guessed it right!! The hitler :P. So what you may ask! There are many movies that deal with hitler and WWII . But hold your horses! What makes this movie special is that it documents the events that lead to the fall of the “Reich” in the most realistic way, devoid of any artificial additions to the story. Its like a movie, without the movie effects. i would call it a documentary, that was made for eveyone.

I was actually sceptical before watching the movie… Hollywood has churned out countless movies based on the second world war, and i was hoping to watch some more of the special effects, and the good wins over bad story. And to make matters worse, it was a german movie with english subtitles… so i had absolutely no expectations till i watched the first scene. And what a surprise it was! What i saw was pure cinema, with nothing more than the actualy story that took place. Every event starting from the seige of berlin is realistic, without any unnecessary additions to spruce up the movie.

Bruno Ganz’s portrayal of Hitler is perhaps the most convincing yet. And the whole caste just suits the bill. Everyone has played their part to perfection, with no one feeling out of place. You get to see the real side of hitler, who believes he does everything thats right for the country. It makes one wonder if he was really the monster that was responsible for the genocide of thousands of jews. Thankfully, the movie starts with the invasion of berlin, and not before that. The director has done the right thing in dedicating more time to focus on hitler and what went on in the german camp, instead of focusing on the war itself. The tension in the camp is captivating, and never seems to explode or die away. I would say its actually an easier way to know what happened in the last stages of WWII, rather than dig into those boring history books

For those who really enjoy good cinema – dont miss it!! And to those who like fanfare devoid of real substance – Watch out for the next Arnold movie :p

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3 Responses to ““Downfall” – A must watch!”

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Nice post Sri.. have you checked out Schindler’s List? That one doesn’t excatly emphasise Hitler directly…the narration is 3rd person perspective..but still worth the watch.

Yes amazing movie,it had its fair bit of controversy but a great movie nonetheless. I’ve been fascinated by the battle of berlin (snipers, soviet flag atop the Reichstag etc etc,) This movie was like living that day again.

the only movie that made me almost cry ! :(( Heil Hitler :X

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