Ethics in sports is dead

Posted on August 30, 2006. Filed under: Sports, Thoughts |

Watching the football world cup a month back made me wonder : is THIS what sports is all about? Faking fouls, using the famous “hand of god”, personal insults and abuses. This is not what sports is supposed to be. I though sports was all about having fun and enjoying oneself! Of course, professional players get paid, but the only reason they keep playing is that they have a passion for the game. And shouldnt passion be accompanied with a good ethical behaviour? In this modern age of ultra professional sport where children are trained right from age 3, honesty has taken a back seat. Everything is fair till you keep winning. You can cheat, drug yourself, bribe the officials… do anything to win. And no one in your country will complain til you keep doing that.

And it isnt just football. The disease is everywhere! Atheletics, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball… the list is endless. And talking about cricket – its supposed to be a gentleman’s game. And it was till the last decade. Sure, there were ugly incidents in cricket too (especially connected to australia, england, pakistan), but nothing that could cause concern. All the greats were perfect sportsmen in every sense. Fairplay and ethics came first. Winning didnt matter if the team had enjoyed on the field and gave their best. But that was also the time when sports wasnt such a big business. masters of the game were so dedicated and passionate that money just didnt matter!! you will be amazed to know how much the westindies greats earned all through their lives. The current crop of under 20 international players would be making more money in a single series.

When was the last time you really enjoyed a clean game of football?? i seriously cant remember… maybe the games which are a couple of decades old would fit the bill. Who can foget the classic matches pele or beckenbauer played?? comparing them to the current trend, i get a feeling of comparing age old battles and modern day warfare…there are just no limits now. it all comes down to victory at any cost!!! but isnt ethics and fair play too heavy a price to pay? unfortunately, thats a question only sportsmen can answer.

But this doesnt mean that there are crooks everywhere. genuine sportsmen still exist and will so for eternity! Sampras, agassi, schumcher (though some of his actions are questionable), our own greats sachin, dravid… the list is pretty exhaustive. Real sports thrive on these great’s honesty and fairplay… i guess they are the real heros, who protect the age old untold values like ethics, honesty, good sportsmanship

Lets just hope it gets better, and people really get to enjoy a clean game


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