Unforgettable Songs – Part 1

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There are times you feel nostalgic on hearing a song. A song that you used to hear regularly when you were a kid, or watch it on TV. A song that really means somthing to the country. Doesnt matter where you belong, iam sure there would be a song that just arouses the patriot in you.

If you had the privilage of living in india when DoorDarshan (DD) was the only available TV station (iam talking about the 1985-1995 period), you would definitely know what i am talking about. For months i have been searching for the classic “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” video all over the internet. I even went to the extent of sending an email to the DD head. But as usual, there was no reply. After some searching, all i could get was the re-enacted video by MIT students (it is good too!!). Luckily, i stumbled upon the original version on the ever helpful YouTube. The audio/video quality is not good, but this is all we have. Iam sure many would want to see it. So here it is

Too bad DD has stopped airing the video. If anyone can do anything to get it back on air, id be the most greateful person!! Ive a better audio version of the song. So if it helps, im posting the link.

And talking about patriotic songs, who can forget “Aye mere watan ke logo” – the song rendered so beautifully by the immortal Lata Mangeshkar in honor of the brave soldiers who died defending the motherland during the indo-china conflict in 1962. This song moved Jawaharlal Nehru so much, he literally shed tears. I hope the version that i have is the original. Can someone please confirm? Immortal Song indeed!!


Download “Aye mere watan ke log” and “Mile sure mera tumhara”


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10 Responses to “Unforgettable Songs – Part 1”

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Thanks sri …its my favourite song
I remember those DD days when everyday (or in the evening…before news) this song was aired…
I thinks this is the best patriotic song…

ah ha finally you found it. Me too like the song a lot.
thanks for uploading it into rapidshare dude.

Hey me finally succeeded in making my blog XHTML 1.0 Transitional. 😀

I am not Indian but I really liked this song! Thanks for sharing

Thanks Sri.. I was so happy to view this video after a loooooong time. Have been searching for this quite a long time and today was at your blog to finally get a hold on it. Unfortunately could not download the audio files? Could you please have them uploaded again? It would mean so much to have a copy of that song..thanks..

well sure… ill reupload the songs in some time

Its such a nostalgic moments listening to this. It brings lots of old memories back…I’d luv to hear this any day…Thanks for posting it!

Its such a fantastic composition… It brings a lot of my old school days memories back…I’d luv to hear this any day…Thanks for posting it!

can u share the song in which P.T.Usha , Sunil Gavaskar and many more players run wid the olympic light.

Plz i want that song

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