The month that was – October/November

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Its been quite a while since i updated Restless Chatter (35 days to be exact). And I know i cannot justify this absence. I’ve just not been able to sit down and type like i used to. Maybe its the pressure(or lack of it πŸ˜› ), or because i don’t get much time nowadays (All free time is strictly devoted to listening to music, eating and sleeping πŸ˜€ ). But ive realized how important this blog is to people around me! So don’t worry fellas! SRi is back to save your ass from the scum of the universe! πŸ˜› And yea, don’t mind the smileys. I need something to brighten up my life πŸ˜›

This post is devoted to all the shit that happened between the first TMTW post and 15th November 2006. Well, after the first month, i was probably the only guy in class who didn’t adjust to the environment. Other’s didn’t like it either, but they were able to accept and adjust to the new college. Needless to say i faced a lot of trouble in class and out of it. My grades weren’t good (they still suck πŸ˜› ), i just wasn’t myself in college, and had to pretend i was a good silent guy (I think the gals liked this act though πŸ˜› ) I just could not reconcile to the fact that SSN is SSN and not Loyola! But after almost 3 months, I’ve finally adjusted to the boring classes and the 3 hour bus journey. I just hope that i start liking the college so that the most precious three years of my life wouldn’t be as boring as a Australia Bangladesh match.

The best part of the college are undoubtedly my friends! My God! What an awesome bunch of guys! 10 of us have formed what is called the “Sangam” – which literally means a group. Its to our credit that we try and make the classes as interesting as possible, be it shouting in the corridors, singing in class, having fun when the professors are giving a boring lecture, and what not! I’d daresay we make the most noise in SOMCA πŸ˜€ . Initially it was strictly meant for the guys, but now its given way to 2 female members as well πŸ˜› . The class isn’t that boring nowadays, and we manage to stay afloat in a boat that has no captain. We watched “DON” together and had fun! I know for a fact that this Sangam will never change and will keep providing quality and wholesome entertainment in class, whether the others like it or not πŸ˜€

My plans of studying for Google have come to a grinding halt! Google has always been my dream, and i know i have to start working for the interview which is 3 years away. I may not have the necessary skills right now, but 3 years is a long time, and there is nothing to prevent me from working for it. I just hope i manage to score descent grades in college, and start preparing seriously for my final target!

And in other news (The most important one) – The Martian has found a Kryptonite!! That’s right! The Kryptonite who was in hiding all her life has been found!! That is the only reason the martian keeps going to college day after day… The martian hasn’t been happier in his life, and the Kryptonite loves every moment of it! Two movies, and four dates later, they found that they are indeed made for each other πŸ™‚ Don’t bother if you didn’t understand a word. If i start writing about it in detail, I’d end up with a bestseller, and i don’t want to lose out on potential buyers πŸ˜› So more about that later!

All that said, life goes on as usual. Its funny how in the midst of chaos, you end up being happy somehow, somewhere, and the clock just ticks away….And the ticking time bomb reminds me that i’ve shit loads of stuff to do for college tomorrow! So that’s it for now folks! Hope you enjoyed the show. Don’t forget to log on to this station next month πŸ˜› Till then, have a good time and donate some money to your church!


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6 Responses to “The month that was – October/November”

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Q1.who’s the martian ?
Q2.who’s the kryptonite?

I have only one word “GREAT”…
I could feel each and every line….;)

good god

@Purba : I thought you already knew.

And welcome back dude. One heck of an update and lot of smilies. And i’m one of that potential buyer of your upcoming best seller.

lol SRI! finally adressing the much awaited topic i see..:P haha.. and u can count me out as a potential buyer…instead u can put me on ur list of critics! πŸ˜› ahahahah lol. tc. have fun! (which seems..u have no problem doing already =D)

De machi…….. great writing da….

Happy to the core… on mentioning the sangam….

Really enjoyed the script and had a hearty laugh… thinking of the fun we had in our first sem!!!

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