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1. Why was I born?

2. Does GOD really exist?

3. Am I GOD? πŸ˜›

4. Are we alone in this universe?

5. How did the universe come into existance?

6. Is it possible to travel faster than the speed of light?

7. Are we living in an imaginary world that is controlled by machines (aka “The Matrix”)

8. Are people sent to heaven or hell once they die?

9. Can science answer all questions?

10. Is the “Karma” theory fair?

11. Will i be born again as a dog? πŸ˜›

I know i’ll never find the answers to the above questions, but any help is always welcome πŸ˜›


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2 Responses to “Questions..”

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Allow me to assure you that you are not God.

Intellectually mature people have the answers to each of your questions.

I suggest that you study the classic texts of Western culture in a formal setting.


Ans 1. Well i know y u were born. Do u wanna know y u were born? Well y do u wanna know y u were born? But now tat u wanna know, i wil help u know. Know this, tat u were born because u were supposed to be born . N now tat u know y u were born becoz i always knew y u were born , let know the world y u were born.

Ans 2. Well u helped me realize tat God indeed exists.

Ans 3. Rofl! well u are the greek GOD of good looks alright.No wonder all the gals keep humming around u like bees n some fall like flies at ur feet.

Ans 4. Negative ! well there’s a Kryptonite around n few more kryptomartians expected to visit earth soon.

Ans 5. well according to few very old n intelligent ppl… once upon a time there was a big bang! so the bbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiggggg bang is the reason, the universe came into existence.well i am sure stephen hawkins’s theory explains the phenomenon better.

Ans 6. well….. someone is trying to create a beam transporter to reach someone whenever wherever… so once the beam transporter has been built, i’ll be able to tell ya if it indeed travels faster than light!

Ans 7. Naa… i dont think we live in an imaginary world, but i am starting to imagine a world i would like to live in someday!

Ans 8. Well wen people are good, bad things happen to them all the time during life, so they are sent to heaven later for recreation. N wen ppl are bad, good things happen to them all the time during life n later they are sent to hell for partying with the devils!

Ans 9. I have always believed tat science can answer all questions.

Ans 10. Is the karma theory fair??!!! well i dunno!

Ans 11. There are bright chances…. n i know ur latest fan would be really really happy !

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