Looking Back

Posted on March 25, 2007. Filed under: Personal, Thoughts |

Your old home. The old photos with your friends. The broken toys. The clothes you wore as a kid. The old grade sheets from school. All these things bring about a nostalgic feeling in anyone. This week, i had the opportunity to get my hands on some of my old stuff (i’m going through them after almost 7 years!) and GOD! what a great feeling this is! 🙂

Call it coincidence or pure luck, but the timing couldn’t have been better. Life has been pretty good the past two weeks, and i had loads of fun. Its just great to look back at your life, filled with happy memories. My old broken toys, my first electronic car, a bunch of old certificates from school, my 10th grade books…. all filled with life! You being to wonder why we change so much with time. As a kid, we are completely different – enjoying life to the fullest! But as time passes, things just change. I know the only constant factor in life is change, but what i don’t understand is how it changes people’s basic character!

I think its very important to remember your childhood. The person you were back then will always remain close to your heart. And its important that you never forget your basic self. That goes a long way in determining how you handle life. I’ve noticed that during times of difficulty, your childhood actually teaches something. The spirit and never-say-die attitude as a kid is something we should always carry through our life. Living life is one thing. Enjoying it is quite another.

And welcome back to my blog 🙂


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