The Month That Was – Dec to Mar

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Its been 3 months since i worked on TMTW. But it has also been the most significant time in my life. I’d daresay i’ve actually lived life to the fullest, even though its not been very nice to me. So here goes my entry for 3 months :

December :

Started out as a sad month. When you are away from someone special in your life, it shows. The first 10 days were pretty much boring with nothing interesting going on in college (as usual). The next 10 days were hectic, with assignments, projects, lab work and lot of other stuff to handle. It was during that time that my friends and i had to rent out a dot matrix printer (don’t ask why!) to complete some lab work. We handled as much as 1500 pages in 2 days straight! And everyone has to thank my friend karthick for putting up with us during those days at his place. Even through so much chaos, we managed to have fun, and even complete the work on time (how we got the records arranged and bounded at the last moment is a story in itself!)

As christmas neared, we got ready for a 10 day vacation. Everyone was expecting to have fun, and read as much as possible as exams were nearing. But sadly, i didn’t manage to study a word. Pretty much enjoyed the 10 days with friends, and loitering here and there. New year’s eve passed off uneventfully. This should be my loneliest new year yet. I wasn’t out with my friends, and was caught at home watching movies, and talking to friends over the phone.

January :

The dawn of the new year didn’t make me any happy cause my practical exams were to be held in the first week itself. I managed to sail through the two papers , although i didn’t live up to my expectation. Then came another 15 days of college, even though it was supposed to be our study holidays. We took up our model tests then, and i fared very very badly. Never the less, it was important that i attend them, so i had no choice. I hoped the 5 days before the exam would see me studying sincerely, cause im always the last minute crammer. The so called education that our university offers has no practical use, and as always, i had difficulty accepting that. I just hoped i’d read enough to pass the exams.

Five theory papers beaconed me from 19th to the 29th of january. And i didn’t study either. I just hoped the limited knowledge i had gained in the class rooms, would see me through the exams. But my university is know for its notorious evaluation procedures. You will need to reproduce the same exact words from the prescribed book to score good marks. And i knew i hadn’t done that. In the middle of all this, my undergrad convocation demanded my presence in loyola once again! That it was just 1 day before my final exam didn’t seem to bother me at all! And what fun it is to meet old friends, and to be among the old halls again! Even though i didn’t head out with the boys for a night out, i still had fun after receiving my degree.

After all my exams, it was pretty clear that i may not manage to pass all the papers. I was mentally preparing for the worst – possibly 2 or more arrears. I just hoped that whatever luck i had would see me through. But fate had a different plan, as i was about to discover in march.

February :

With no time to think over the past semester, i entered my second semester in college. The worst part is, the class was split into two sections! I’ll never understand why the management did this, cause 60 students are not a crowd. It was probably because of the fun we had in the first semester, which was well within the limits. And as always, i put up a big show that i’d study regularly this time around. And again, the plan backfired big time! But i’ve goto say i took more interests in the classes. The professors handling the papers are a funny lot indeed! And our favourite in NSVU. I doubt if our days would be interesting without him teaching us programming šŸ˜› By the end of february, it was pretty clear that this semester wasn’t going to be any different. Same old professors, and same old boring lectures!

March :

The first week of march was a disaster! My results were out, and i failed pretty badly in one paper – the one paper i hated. Failing miserable for the first time in your life is something you’ll not be proud about. But life isn’t always a bed of roses, and you have to learn to live with it. By the second week, i was back to being normal, and i even preformed reasonable well in the internal tests. This period also saw me take up one of my dream projects. I started working with all my heart, and the progress is good. It will take at least 3 years before it sees the light, but i’m prepared to work with patience. By the third week, we juniors had to bid farewell to our senior, whom we never knew by the way. There was divided opinion on whether to attend the farewell or not. The seniors had asked me to sing, and i was pretty much right in the middle of the storm. But finally, the day before the farewell, we talked the whole thing with the seniors, and decided to attend it. And i goto sing after a long time! I don’t know how i did, but i know i didn’t mess it up big time šŸ˜› it was a duet, and for the amount of practice we had, it went off pretty well. The whole day was fun, except for like one hour, where the seniors messed up the events big time.

With march drawing to an end, its been a pretty eventful month. Not action filled, but still fun šŸ™‚ i hope the good times continue for the next three years, so that it doesn’t feel like being in a jail.

Oh yea! My arrear results come out next month šŸ˜› hoping for the best. Wish me luck šŸ™‚

P.S : i know i have missed lots of important events, but that happens when you don’t write about stuff regularly. Hope i can contribute something about my boring life every month from now on…

So till next month, take care and adios amigos!


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