Can ‘SIVAJI’ do it?!

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Im a big fan of rajinikanth. No denying that! I feel his movies are entertaining to the core, eventhough they are devoid of logic. But to me, movies are all about having fun and feeling good. And super star’s films have done that for a long time now! And no matter what people say, there is some charm in him that drags everyone into being his fans.

After the phenomenal success of Chandramukhi, which traveled all over the world (it was a huge hit in Japan, Netherlands, US, UK and a few other countries), super star is back with his hugely awaited “SIVAJI – THE BOSS”. When Rajini, Director Shankar, and Rahman are in a movie together, you know what to expect! The movie is waiting for a April 14th release. The ticket rates are said to be as high as 1200 bucks on the first day!! :-O

Fans waiting to get their hands on the songs got a pleasant surprise when 3 songs were released as promo this week. And the initial reactions seem to be good. But for me, a die hard music fanatic, i’d say the songs are under par. Rahman could have done far better with the three songs, and that too for a rajini movie. For me, ‘oru koodai sunlight’ is definitely the pick, because it is different. Rahman has tried some slow hip-hop and the result is pretty descent. But it remains to see how the mass audience welcome the song. But not to forget, 2 more songs are yet to be released when the album comes out on the 4th of April. It includes the intro song by SPB (who else !) and one more song rumored to be sung by Rahman himself (can someone confirm?). I personally love the intro songs by SPB as they are a foot tapping numbers, and have a meaningful lyric.

No matter how the audio release turns out, i can say without a doubt that the movie will run to packed theaters for the first month. Will it surpass Chandramukhi? Well, we have to wait and watch!


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3 Responses to “Can ‘SIVAJI’ do it?!”

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Song are said as draft only. If so the final will be different. I liked the song ‘Sahara’ instantly and lyrics is also good. 3 duets (as of now) in our boss movie. Shankar is trying something different and I’m surprised. Awaiting for the final songs. Definitely this movies will surpass all Indian movies records. Its my belief and expectation only.

Abey.. a die hard fan of Rajni should never question, nor scrutinize his movies. We do that to Kamal movies :))

Anyway… lemme tell why. When it comes to a Rajni’s movie, nothing matters but him. There’s not even a single actor in Tamil movie, hell not even in the whole of Bollywood who matches even half of Rajni’s pay slab. Yup, that’s right Hrithik is rumoured to have signed a contract for 10 Crore per movie (highest so far), whereas Rajni took close to 20 for Chandramukhi.

Silly as it may seem, this simple fact makes us all proud. Yes, these days quality of tamil movies have vastly deteriorated compared to its peers (like Bollywood), IMO! BUT there is only one thing makes us stand apart from the entire movie industry in India – Rajni. It’ll take the rest of India a million years to identify someone like – Rajni.

And, yes, this is why we dont question the half man, half amazing! Anyway, buddy just strap on and be ready – Sivaji is going to BLOW you away!!! and this my friend is called HOPE!!

Well its july now and the movie has been doing exceptionally well, not that i needed to wait to be on the safer side to say it. Coz we all know bout the super star so yea, Sivaji has done it and can do even better :p

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