Why I’m starting to hate A.R.Rahman

Posted on February 24, 2008. Filed under: India, Music, Tamil |

No one can question his talent, his achievement or his genius. When he scored music for “Roja” for the first time ever, the whole of india sat up and noticed. From then on, he has been redefining music with every movie. Tamil, Hindi, English… he has done them all. And he has been someone who has made Indian music popular, and taken it to the world over. But this isn’t a fan mail. This is actually, quite the opposite.

The grudge i hold against him is as someone who speaks tamil, and was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu. If anyone has noticed, the music he scores for Tamil movies isn’t exactly something one will relate to the maestro. Not at all! His recent tamil movies have been far below par, and i certainly don’t understand why. And to make matters worse, he is doing exceedingly well in Hindi movies. Is he too bored of scoring music for tamil movies, or is he trying to be indifferent, i know not. I’d rather prefer he stops scoring music for tamil movies, cause he isn’t justifying it.

Also, its his choice of vocalists that rubs salt to the wound. Almost all of his past 10 releases have at least two songs sung by a bollowood singer. Now im not against that IF they can pronounce tamil as it should be. Their shoddy pronunciation, sometimes which is just outrageous, is really leaving a bad taste in everyone. On the contrary, not many hindi movies have songs sung by people who cannot pronounce hindi properly. Why this one sidedness, is something only he can answer. Also, even his own delivery in many songs has been bad (Newyork Nagaram, Athiradee from Sivaji, etc). I was clueless as to what exactly he was singing, even though Tamil is my mother tongue, and i have been speaking it for the past 23 years! PLEASE STOP MURDERING TAMIL! Not only tamil, but any language for that matter. If you cannot get people to sing a few lines the way it has to be sung, why not get other vocalists?? Its not like Tamil movie industry lags behind in the quality or quantity of its singers.

I will always be a BIG fan of A.R.Rahman. His music is next to God to me. But even God’s make mistakes. So get back to your own self when composing tamil music, or don’t do it at all.

P.S : The songs of Jodhaa Akbar are simply mindblowing! What grace, and melody! Jashn-E-Bahaara and Khwaja Mere Khwaja are my picks for the week!


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9 Responses to “Why I’m starting to hate A.R.Rahman”

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In this world for the music sound there is no a fixed language to hear.so when 1or2 song like(newyorknagaram,Athiradee) coming means ,hear the situation arises for only the particular kind of movie.so don’t take it that at all bif issue

Hey friend you started this topic late. In India, for the past few years, A.R.Rahman stands for hindi, bollywood and hindi singers for tamil movies too. Kindly understand, Rahman’s music lives where money & attraction lives. It is his weakness. For cost of living & other reasons, he stays in tamilnadu & lending alms to tamil music. He is not true to tamil music and conveniently claims, film directors & others as reasons for his music. If he is really passionate about music in general, he should not compromise on tamil music too. We stopped buying A.R.Rahman’s albums from godfather onwards. Like many disappointed tamilians, we feel better, if he does not take any tamil works in future, only to hurt more tamil hearts in the name of his passion. May god save him from illusion of hindi, bollywood & hindi singers. May god also make him realize, he has utilised tamil fans as steps for his ladder. But we as good hearts, always welcome him with big cheers, if he recovers from such illusion & work with sincere mind & effort for tamil movies with uncompromising music. God is Great.

@ramji, true that music is above all languages. But that isn’t reason to kill a language. And mind you, Rahman is a Tamil by birth.

@Mindmatters, i agree with you. He should not take Tamil movies this easily. Worst part is, for his past amazing work in Tamil movies, his current form is pathetic

Please visit this site :- http://www.rahmanism.com/

Do spread this site and please open a blog with the same tittle and put your comments so that ppl with high regards on Rahman will see his other side too.

I would like to thank you all for giving such a feedback on ARR.

Who knows, even Rahman might also see the post and change his TRACK’S.

And all south indian singers are singing Bollywood numbers. Most of them don’t have the right diction.

Naresh Iyer & many others. I don’t like his choice of singers – and he is over using Shreya Ghosal.

Rehman rocks . may be he isnt getting enough money for tamil movies!! sumtym he works on profit sharing of music rights

AR RAHAMAN IS THE GOD OF MUSIC,say what ever you want to say guy’s,but ARR

Ungala madiri ayiram per sonnalum Rahman is king of music.nowadays tamil movies are worse!

first of all let me tell u THERE IS NO LANGUAGE FOR MUSIC….and second a.r rahman is a instrumentalist, composer and a muscian it doesnt matter if sum of the songs have mispronounced word…itz enough 4 the message to reach to the listenerz…and please stop this non-sence of state injustice…we r country and a.r rahman has done gud 4 da country and thatz it….

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