A “Bhagwan” who kills?

Posted on April 23, 2008. Filed under: India, Personal, religion, Thoughts |

The controversial spiritual guru, Kalki Bhawan, is at it again. On the opening day of his multi million ‘Oneness University”, a 100,000 devotees decended on Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh, only to return home totally cheated and exhausted. They were made to wait for 5 hours in the sweltering heat, (temperatures can go upto 40 degrees C), without water, without any help from the volunteers. And the outcome was one that often happens – Stampeed. A mad rush for water lead to the death of 3 devotees, and let may others injured. So much for “Bhagwan’s” grace.

What pains me the most is that the common man still trusts these fraudsters blindly. Time and again has India seen such fake gurus who are bothered not about the welfare of the common man, not about spirituality, but about minting money, and fast! It is unfortunate that these people still have it good here, and still manage to draw thousands of devotees all around the world.

I myself was “initiated” into the cult by a very persistant neighbour, but thankfully did not get sucked into it. What they try to do to any new devotee is simple – brainwash him, and make him believe that unless he joins Bhagwan, there is no way he will be successful or happy in his life. I have seen it at work, and any weak mind will definitely give in sooner or later.

For all i care, these people have to be imprisoned. Let them spread the “word of god” without receiving money, and in a place filled with people who are sinners. I will become a believer then.


Kalki bhagwan – lust for money


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2 Responses to “A “Bhagwan” who kills?”

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I hope this message spreads fast and the police takes appropriate action against this couple who are posing as “Gods”. Who is responsible for the lives which are lost? is this so called GOD going to take the responsibility?If yes does he have the power to make them alive again?
More and more people are getting brainwashed and trapped by this new “dharma” and wasting their money. If there is any journalist out there reading this, please publish these kind of awareness articles in popular newspapers so that people start using their brain instead of getting it washed 🙂

If only the money that was spent in building a temple by someone( for himself…funny isnt it?) would have gone in building some free hospital/school for poor !!

I bet even God isn’t as rich as all these frauds.

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