Dasavatharam Music Review

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One of the most expected tamil movies of 2008 had its music release ceremony on 25th April, with the chief guest being none other than Jackie Chan! You heard it right, the Hollywood action hero, who of late has been connected to India more often, was specially invited to the gala function and received the first copy of the CD. Will that make a difference to the quality of music? One can guess the obvious answer.

Music director Himesh Reshammiya obviously does not go through much of trouble – he has to select a good track from some other director, and remix it for his songs. And he has done the same here. The music is nothing new, is run of the mill and definitely not captivating.

Out of the six tracks, there is not one worth mentioning. The lyrics are not good either, even though they are penned by Vairamuthu and Vaali. Is this a preview of what we can expect from the movie? One hopes not.

Lyrics : 2.5/5

Music : 2/5

Vocals : 2.5/5

Overall : 2.5/5


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19 Responses to “Dasavatharam Music Review”

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I agree. It is not even run of the mill. rubbish. As a Kamal fan, I hope the movie is good and not like the music what I heard..

Sorry, team. Music is rubbish. I will give 1/5

why cant you list some of the latest songs which had a good lyric than dasa…. are you mad…. you are…..

HAHA another fanboi .Well vignesh, just cause all the latest songs don’t have good lyrics, that isn’t excuse for Dasavatharam’s pathetic lyrics. If you can’t live with that, too bad

Well, how about Sivaji’s lyrics and songs? Half the lyrics were not even audible..

Yea, most of sivaji’s songs were incomprehensible. I was confused which language AR.Rahman was singing in for the song “Athiradee”!

I’m not defending any other movie’s music. But Dasavatharam being such a huge venture should have definitely had MUCH better music. Shankar, Eshan, Loy would have done a better job if they were given the reigns.

THe movie is taken for National level so you would expect these kind of songs.For me All songs are nice except one.If you see in movie then it will be mind blowing like holywood movie.Do hollywood movie depends on music?Not at all.IF you compare ARRahman music in sivaji,Dasa is much better than sivajis.I hate ARR for doingthe music at national level.ARRis stupid fellow and useless guy.He just cheating the music tunes.HE is waste.so dont compare ARR.Himesh did better than ARR.Dasa songs are looks good
as per movie requirement.

Ram.. Dont talk about AR Rahman wrongly.. He is such a great musician. I think you dont have music sense at all.. Have some knowledge before making statement. Rahman is a musician who turned the world by his unique music.

Well, I listened to the songs. They are good enough and will help in making this film a super hit.

If Dasa is so bad how come u r blaming the superhit sivaji music. If u r not able to hear the lyrics of sivaji then think of this dirty dasa music.

OK coming to dasa music, it is comparable with the standards of vijayakanths film music. It is not the music for a 100 crore budget film. To bring this music kamal can approach srikanth deva also who can give a better score.

Dasa music is only a trash.

Hi folks!

what an album. i liked all songs except kaa karuppanukkum. if you hear kallai mattum and mukunda in a peaceful mindset, you would just feel like flying. further they are movie based songs where they would melt with scenes.

what else is needed. even in super hit shivaji album, only three songs were good. so this album is great. i would give 3.5 out of 5 stars.

To all the cry babies who start foul mouthing other movies, i had my say. I still stick by it. It is a very poor album for a kamal movie. I myself am a great fan of his, and thats why i am disappointed.

If you like the album, good for you.

TO ALL KAMAL FANS: I HAVE WASTED MY TIME AND MONEY ON THE CD!!!!!!The songs suck big time. I dun understand Kamal for choosing Himesh???? There are a lot of good music director from South and he choose Himesh.. His music sounds really crappy. For such a high cost film, the songs miss life and soul. All I can say is for such a big movie, the songs are really crappy. I am suprised they we planning a same slot release with Sivaji. I think ARR would have eaten Himesh music, This is a joke. Kamal needs to be more serious on his music selection. For Dasavatharam, the music sucks BIG time and honestly it is a huge flop based on the comments by all KAMAL Fans on the songs. I would suggest Kamal fans not to expect anything from the music. Now my only hope is the movie. I hope it does not suck like the songs. If u buy the audio cd, ur gonna waste ur money.. Just listen online.

MARMAYOGI needs ARR. He is the musicians youcan provide good music for ur peroid movie (LAGAAN, LO Bhagavath Singh, RISING, Jodhaa Akbar) else DON’T have any songs in the movie….


Hey Guys, I really don’t know how come KSR & Kamal opted for Himesh. As someone pointed out Himesh is gud at re-mix than compose, like Yuvan being a gud sound engineer ;-). Mukunda song seems to be lifted from AR’s “Konjum mainakale” from Kandukonden Kandukonden. Dasavatharam music didn’t dissappoint me as i stopped expecting much from Kamal’s movie/music since Aalavanthan. Let Oscar Ravi not repeat the history of kalaipuli Thanu.

What can I say! I am astounded! They spent Rs.100 crore on making the movie! But couldn’t find a single worthwhile music director other than Himesh Trashmiyah?

I am sure all those star celebrities including Jackie Chan must have been thrilled to hear these songs!*&@

Well u can blog all u want. As far as i know, the songs are good but ofcourse ARR would have done a wonderful jobs.

The songs are topping the sales chart. Well done to DASA team. I hope the movie breaks all BO collections.

Marmayagi = Kamal + ARR (History)

Dasavatharam audio is just average. It has been accepted because the movie has Kamal. Look at Bommalatam, a tharh album by himesh. Frankly speaking, I believe something is wrng with our Thala. They booked ARR and changed to Himesh. That is like choosing Kamal for a movie and choosing Simbu. Isn’t that crap. Same applies here. also i think songs should be songs and should not be edited to suit the movie. eg mukunda, it is a nice song but Kamals’ elderly voice irritates. Overall a very average album.
I hope Kamal makes peace with ARR and set him as the music dirctor for Marmayogi.

To all out there, if anyne knows Kamal personally, ask him to be smart and choose ARR for Marmayogi. A high class actor opting got low class music is unaccetable. Audio sales is just average. Once it released, people were excited. Now it has stopped.

Final say to Dasavatharm Team. The Audio has dissapointed alot of Kamal Fans. Why doesn’t our Thala hear our concerns? he makes movie and we support it. I think we need get this accross to our Thala.

I hope atleaset the movie does good.

I am sad with the Audio.

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Dasa team made a big mistake with choosing Himesh as the music director. The songs are very average.

ARR should have been the right person. The movie took 2 years to complete. I believe ARR would have composed 5 songs in the within that period.

Dasa has drawn it’s 1st blood and the verdict is DISASTER in the form of HImesh Reshamiya. Looks like there is only the movie to look forward now.

I hope KAMAL learns his lesson here and goes for ARR for Marmayogi and future projects.

He needs to understand that Movie is one thing and audio is another thing. Hinmesh could not save the audio and i have read feedback all over and the audio is a FLOP.

I really hope Kamal learns. All the BIG WIGS (Rajni, Mani, Shanker) alll choose ARR and the movies does get saved.

If anyone knows Kamal, please advise him. For an actor which such Kaliber and quality and fan support, he needs to be smart enough to choose the right music director. I heard that it was the producer who choosed HR, but come on KAMAL can overwrite a decisions.

Well enough all said, I hope the movie rocks and Marmayogi has ARR.

Himesh sucks man!!!!!
how come you compare him with ARR? either you are ignorant in music, or you are mad.
ARR is the one of the best musician world has ever witnessed..
it should be something like comparing a Campfire and the Sun.

himesh’s songs are pathetic, i would offer him some job in my company at a very good salary, if he opted not to produce anymore SO CALLED MUSIC.

remixing and tweaking is what he is capable of, and he is good in what he does, but dont compare him with any music director, not even with any budding music director..

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