Preparing for campus recruitments? Do’s and dont’s

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“Campus Recruitment” is a popular concept in India. It gives the companies a good and easy way to recruit the brightest students directly from colleges, thus saving lots of time and effort to recruit a capable work force. That it often does not turn up the way the students expect is quite another story, which i’m planning to write about the coming week.

I myself have been through this process, and made a note to put out the finer points to prospective students. It goes without saying that some of them are the most important, but often overlooked steps that really make the difference.


1. Attend the pre placement presentation of the company. Do NOT miss it. Most of the common questions, and facts about the company are put forward for the student, and you will need to know a bit about the company to tackle prospective question during the interview.

2. Dress up neatly and crisply. There is no need to spend thousands of rupees to get brand new clothes. Just make sure they are properly pressed, and are formal enough to impress the interviewer. Shoes and belts are a MUST. Wear a tie if its specified.

3. Have multiple copies of your resume. The first objective in job hunting is to give the interviewer what he wants, so research the job profile, and include all details that are relevant to that job. Do not carry a resume loaded with your technical achievements to a HR job.

4. Prepare for generic aptitude tests. Of course each company has their own pattern, but its always good that you are strong in logical reasoning and verbal skills. From what i’ve seen and heard, getting through the aptitude is by luck 95% of the times.

5. Be willing to talk freely to the interviewer. In HR interviews, all they want to test is your communication skills and your attitude. The more you hesitate, the more the company will hesitate to offer you a job.

6. Prepare a “about yourself” monologue for at least 3 minutes. Almost all interviewers ask this question first up, and you should be prepared for it. If you forget easily, write it down, memorize it, but make sure you don’t deliver it like a monologue.

7. Do a thorough research about the various aspects of the job like training and probation period, salary during probation, work bonds if any, etc.


1. Do not LIE in your resume or interview. The interviewer can see through it even before you start building a story. Be honest, frank and open.

2. Don’t stop yourself from asking questions about the company when prompted to. At the same time, don’t ask more than two intelligent questions.

3. Do NOT tell the interviewer you will take up a job in another company if it offers a better salary first up. It is obvious that you won’t get the job if you are not going to stick with it for somtime.

4. If the interviewer is wrong in anyway, be polite and just point out the error. Do NOT argue with him and try to prove your point.

5. You should be ready to face any kind of question, especially certain questions that are meant to embarrass you. Don’t over react, and loose your cool.

6. Do not rush up your answers. Take a few moments to think your answer, organize the sentence and then speak it out. Speak SLOWLY, CLEARLY and without blaring mistakes.

There are many many other pointers, but these are the ones i’ve found lacking in many. Attached with this article is a document with 64 most asked questions, and how you have to handle them. Hope it helps all the new job seekers. All the best and cheers!

ATTACHMENT : 64-top-interview-questions


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