Please, feel free to stop

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One of the most interesting email phenomenon in recent times is the social networking site invites. For the past one year, with a boom in social networking, my inbox is flooded with invites to websites that are not only entirely new, but have funny names as well. This, to me, is even more irritating than spam. And even worse, it comes from genuine contacts, who are bored to their bones, and have a free internet connection at work.

I wonder how many sites people want. It is generally accepted that most of these trolls have no serious business in mind and mostly frequent the sites to drive away the boredom bug. And they do not stick to one site! First there was myspace, which is totally crap in my opinion. Then came facebook, which until recently, was pretty good. The problem began when facebook introduced applications, and now, every page is flooded with so many apps, i find it difficult to actually write to a friend.

Then, for the Indians, there is good old orkut. A clean interface, and being developed by google are only a few of its selling points. It is good for someone who is seeking genuine information, and for the bored lot too. But too many hacks, and possible javascript threats make is reallly vulnerable.

So dear friends, please feel free to stop inviting me to your show. Thanks.


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