A disaster waiting to happen

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It finally happened. A three day ordreal which ended up with more than 200 people being killed, and many brave officers sacrificing their lives to save ours. But I was not surprised. Not that 2008 has been a bad  year for India with countless bomb blasts, and terrorist threats. Because of the way the government has been functioning.

In this moment of sadness and anger, I’d like to express my condolences to the people killed at the Taj, Oberoi and Nariman House. Human life is invaluable and nothing can replace those lost lives. A big Salute to the brave officers and soldiers of the Indian Army, Navy and the Anti Terror Squad (ATS) who died in the line of duty. You saved countless lives by giving up yours. My respect and salutations to the brave souls and their families! Jai Hind!

I have a few points to make

1. The government needs accountability. India is NOT a family run business. These so called politicians and policy makers have to brought to justice, and imprisoned. This is not the first time this is happening, and definitely not the last. Really saddening fact is that only the common, and innocent people lose their lives. I guess if a few politicians die, that would at least shake them into action.

2. The root cause, according to me, is the widening rich-poor divide. When someone is starving without clothes, a roof over his head, the other spends millions to celebrate a birthday or a wedding. How long do you think the poor and the oppressed will suffer!? The rich get richer because of the people who work for them. And that includes the lowest strata of the society. If they don’t give back what they take, this is bound to happen again and again.

3. I have NO regrets for the damage to the Taj Hotel or the Oberoi hotel. What I do feel sad about is the loss of life. Not property. Mr. Ratan Tata has more than enough money to restore the Taj, and he can afford it. I hope at least that way, some money goes to the poor workers.

4. I have never seen a more spineless and scared government in my life. I mean WTF were they thinking!!! They revoked POTA, which was definitely needed to fight these terrorists and scare the s**t out of them. Absolutely no solid action has been taken in the past one year, when there have been umpteen terrorist attacks. And the home minister! What can I say? I guess he will understand if he loses someone in his family. As someone on TV rightly put it, “The government has been caught with its pants down”. I guess that says it all.

5. If the core economic and social issues are not identified and addressed, a revolution is waiting to happen. Not only in India, but in all countries where there is no socio-economic equalizer.


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