My first bite of Apple

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And so, I did it. After 9 years of fighting with Windows, i finally took a leap of faith and got myself my first mac –  a shiny new macbook. With a 2.4ghz Core2Duo, 2gb ram, 160gb hard disk and a slot loading super drive, its got *almost* everything i wanted. Not to mention the amazing battery life! I am really astounded how apple got this top end beast to put in more than 4 hours with wireless on, and running multiple apps. Things have really changed in the battery department since I got the first gen ipod nano a month after it was initially released. The magsafe power adapter is really innovative, and will prevent someone from dragging the notebook while tripping on the power chord. Also, the new battery life indicator under the shell is pretty cool.  Trust apple to come up with ingenious ideas.

I said it has almost everything i wanted for a reason. Firstly, it has only 2 USB ports. I know its not very bad, and i can probably live with it, but having 3 would have been a big bonus. Secondly, no media card reader. That comes as a default on almost all notebooks in this price point. And for such a premium product, the screen could have been much better. It has uneven lighting, and the backlight bleeding is very annoying and obvious (especially around the corners). Unfortunately, i guess we just have to live with it.

Overall, the past one day has been pretty exciting playing with the macbook. What used to be a very costly proposition in India is now affordable, especially considering that other 13.3″ notebooks with a similar configuration are costlier than the macbook (the Dell XPS M1330 for instance). A worthy apple to eat indeed!

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Finally a supercomputer in India in the Top 10 list!

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I was mighty surprised, and pleased to see an Indian supercomputer end up in the Top 10 supercomputer list. The HP Cluster Platform 3000BL at the Computational Research Laboratories, TATA, Pune is the world’s fourth most powerful supercomputer with 117.9 Tflops of peak performance. Tata deserves a pat on their back for this feat, and i really hope india does get started with serious research on HPC. Visit their website here.

P.S : This list was released in November 2007, so it is quite possible that it has been super seeded by  other clusters.

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ATI HD 3850 for AGP!

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Thats right! In what might be the smartest move for ATI this year, the most popular and well received graphics chip from ATI in the last two years is going AGP. This will be a big boost for all those gamers who have held back upgrading to PCI-E based systems. Its better that ATI(or should i call it AMD) focuses on regaining the lower/middle segment this year, rather than try and conquer the upper/performance segment, as nVidia is quite comfortably seated there.

As an ATI fanboy, i hope this brings out some cheer for the company and the fans this year. More details here

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Apple Apple Everywhere!

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What if your house is covered with apples? Your shelves, walls, study table, and every place imaginable? Now what if those apples are not the edible kind? A man has taken the word
“obsession” to quite another level. Meet James Savage, the fanatic apple fan who’s spare room contains almost all the apple models ever made! Think its impossible?? Check out the picture before you speak

More pics and an interview here

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Farewell Pentium

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Intel has finally decided to pull the plug on one of the greatest architectures of all time – Netburst. The phasing out will end in february 2007. A few celeron processors are also being phased out. Actually once its complete, you will only have conroe to chose from(i think)

The pentium 4 lineup has indeed served everyone well. Starting with P4 1.4ghz (which were either willamet or northwood) and ending with the prescott core, Pentium 4 has been the biggest success story of intel so far. A couple of years back, all people would say is “i have a p4 computer”. Well, there wasnt much of a competitor to it, although some enthusiasts did stick on to AMD.

More here

Information Week discusses what the writer thinks to be the greatest 12 software. Althouth may arent available in the open market, the first place is not surprising… its our own UNIX 🙂 keep in mind this isnt about the highest selling or most popular software. the ranking are based on the sheer briliant design

read on

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