Thanks Australia

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If i may take a moment to be a true Indian cricket fan, i just have one thing to say to the aussies – “FUCK YOU”. With that out of the way, i guess we have to thank you. Your ‘great’ captain Mr. Ricky Pointing, someone who has become so arrogant, he may even show the middle finger to God, Mr. Andrew Symonds, who thinks he is the greatest Monkey in the whole wide world, Mr. Matthew Hayden who can knock down Mohammad Ali in the boxing ring.

Thanks to the Australian fans for booing Harbhajan. It probably kept him going, though no one deserves such treatment. Thanks to the Australian media, for keeping your great players away from cricket, and pushing them into the spotlight for things that only uncivilized people take pleasure in. Thanks to the Australian team for their sledging, for without it, we would not have had the killer instinct to prove that no one is invincible.

And finally thanks to Mr. Adam Gilchrist – He is one of the finest players of all time, and a gentleman to the core. I sure will miss him, as a fighting opponent, and someone who had surprising character even though he was in the Australian cricket team. We will miss you Gilly.

All said and done, Congrats Team India! You showed the Aussies their place. And please make sure they stay there.

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The Screwup called Indian Cricket

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Or is it our 20-2o captain Dhoni? I still don’t understand how he had the guts to call the match a practice match, then suffer a humiliating defeat, and blatantly blame theĀ  batsmen for that. Boy is he arrogant! I wish he had the maturity to talk like the captain of a nation’s cricket team. God! I just wish the Indian team performs as a professional unit for at least a year’s time. Till then, don’t waste your words in praising them. Cause the just flatter to deceive. Over and over again.

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Bhaji banned for 3 tests!!

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Thats the most recent development after a really bad day of cricket. And its known that the indian team has filed a complain against Brad Hogg. Now is that tit for tat or what! I really hope India pulls out of the series and gets back home now!

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Australian Cricket Team is a Joke

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Yea, i’m talking about the current india-australia series. And what a freaking joke is it turning out to be! Poor umpiring is just the beginning of the whole story. But WTF is wrong with the aussie cricket team?? They are spineless cowards! They can sledge at any other team and get away with it, but when someone returns the favor, they call it racial abuse!! Fucking Cowards! And what a bunch of unfit umpires! 6 crucial decisions have gone against the indians the past two matches. Grow up!

And a request to the BCCI and the Indian Team – PLEASE PULL OUT OF THE SERIES NOW!

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The india cricket dream

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I, for one, was not overly excited about the twenty 20 world cup even before it started. And it wasn’t because Team India was not the best side in the lineup. But as always, in the end, i cheered for India yet again.

To say that India deserved the victory would be robbing them of all their hard work. I was actually surprised to see the level of discipline, commitment and the attitude of the India cricket team. They truly came above the rest, and outperformed other world class teams like Australia, South Africa, England and Pakistan when it mattered the most. Kudos to the team for the fine performance!!

An India-Pakistan final is always the best sight to watch. An unending rivalry between the nations make it more than just a game. Although i was not entirely pleased by the way the bowlers almost gave away the match in the dying overs, what mattered most was that the team wins! And it did exactly that in dramatic style!! I’d dare say this was the perfect finish to the inaugural Twenty 20 world cup.

And special mention to Yuvraj’s fine knocks! He really turned the heat on against England with the 12 ball 50 which included 6 sixes of a single over! And not to mention the 20 ball 70 against the aussies which ended up in India setting an imposing target of 189 runs. The young man is back, more mature and is striking the ball as cleanly as one has seen. I hope his fine run continues against the crucial series against the Aussies and Pakistan at home.

Indian Cricket is back to life! And how!!

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