Splitsvilla and the art of making a crappy show

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So you take a bunch of guys and girls, put them in a place, ask them to date each other and then ditch ’em. That should make a cracker of a show right! Welcome to MTV India’s Splitsvilla, a show so disgusting and degrading, I’d prefer the contestants have a horrifying death.

I fail to understand the point of such shows. Lets compare a few other “reality” shows

1. MTV Roadies – Its bigger than Splitsvilla, and puts the contestants through various tasks. Of course there is the cliched reality elements in it in the form of voting out contestants, faking injuries, plotting against each other, horrible background music. But in all, definitely miles ahead.

2. Countless talent shows – They ask you to dance, sing, look good, crack jokes all with the masala factor. But then again, talent does count here.

3. V Launchpad – Supposedly the first reality show for aspiring rock bands, but with the X-factor to attract Indian TV watchers. Its good in bits, and some bands are talented. Probably my number 1 reality show, even though I don’t watch it regularly.

Now ladies and gentlemen, please enlighten me about Splitsvilla. What exactly are they trying to accomplish? Is it to:

  • Judge which pair looks best
  • See how many guys/girls one can dump
  • Get cheap publicity ala Bollywood so that they can date more people and then dump them later
  • Develop strategic thinking amongst the couples
  • Show off their skimpy clothes competing with our Bollywood “Bombshells”
  • Get the perfect jodi together, so that they have a “….and they lived happily ever after” ending

Here is the comparison chart:


So if your done pondering, shout your comments, and make them heard at MTV India’s twitter page here

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A.R.Rahman wins Golden Globe!

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He’s done it! The maestro A.R. Rahman has won the 2009 Golden Globe for the Best Original Score for “Slumdog Millionaire”! He has proved beyond doubt that he is one of the best in the world, and has made a country of over billion people proud!!

All Hail The Maestro!

Golden Globe Winners

How Slumdog Millionaire Drew Rahman

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Movie Review – Aamir

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How often do you see a 95 minute bollywood movie, made by first timers, to impress critics and movie goers alike? A movie without a sexy actress, without item numbers, without a big budget, and without a single celeb actor. A movie which is gripping right from the word go, and still does not go overboard like cheesy thrillers. Hope you get the point. Aamir is a very rare gem, the likes of which Bollywood hasn’t made in many many years.

Rajeev Khandelwal(Aamir Ali) stars as the protagonist, a Muslim doctor who arrives from London, to meet his family in Mumbai. A mobile phone is thrust into his hands, and that marks the beginning of a gripping adventure, where the voice on the other side directs him to do a series of seemingly silly tasks. Though this has been the staple action plan for hundreds of gangster flicks, the “villan” is not portrayed in the usual cinematic style. Rather he seems to be a common, but powerful man, who is trying to teach Aamir the difficulties that Muslims face in India. Kudos to the director Raj Kumar Gupta deserves a pat on his back for the realistic, portrayal of how terrorist factions operate to instil fear into the minds of the commoner.

The screenplay is simple, but very effective. The whole action takes place in the streets of Mumbai, with broken down buildings, slums, cheap hotels, etc. The natural setting adds to the realism of the movie, and in a way conveys the plight of the hero. The movie is thrilling, without the need to be tagged a thriller. Background music, wherever present, adds to the situation, and does not distract the viewers from the main story.

In one line, Aamir is a rare movie, with excellent story, acting, and direction. This gives us hope that Bollywood still has those good moments, and someone still has the courage to make good movies. Deep down, it has a message for everyone too. You are missing something if you don’t watch Aamir.               

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Prison Break Season 4 Go!

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Executive producer/writer for Fox’s on-the-lam drama says fourth season is a go; Fox has yet to make announcement.

Oh yes! One of the greatest series of all time will get a decent ending! Can’t wait for the fourth season to start.

Through TV.com

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