A.R.Rahman wins Golden Globe!

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He’s done it! The maestro A.R. Rahman has won the 2009 Golden Globe for the Best Original Score for “Slumdog Millionaire”! He has proved beyond doubt that he is one of the best in the world, and has made a country of over billion people proud!!

All Hail The Maestro!

Golden Globe Winners

How Slumdog Millionaire Drew Rahman

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Sympathy fuels Dark Night’s extraordinary run?

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So the Dark Night has stolen the thunder from a summer full of superhero flicks. It was anticipated, over hyped, had one of the most successful viral marketing campaigns ever, and yet impress critis and moviegoers alike. Yes it may be one of the most successful films ever, and rightly so. Everything from the direction, screenplay, background score, the grim setting of Gotham City are close to perfect. And one does come out of the theater with a hangover, wanting more of the Joker.

But, can it be said that its success does not owe to the talented Heather Ledger death early this year? Has the sudden departure of the popular actor due to accidental drug over dosage softened the critics? Not to take any bit of credit from him, his performance of the Joker will the best yet, and is maniacal to the core. One wants more of the devil after his psycotic performance. His tragic death has built up so much momentum that no one expected the movie to be such a big blockbuster.

All said and done, it would be a shame if Heather doesn’t win a posthumous Oscar. All hail the Joker.


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One Line Movie Reviews

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Hollywood :

1. IronMan – Good casting, nice effects, Robert Downey fits the role to a T. Must watch for sci-fi fans.

2. The Bucket List – Sensitive,thought provoking, funny, well directed, and good acting.

3. The Bank Job – Thrilling, pacy, well enacted.

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My Movie Ratings

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I’ve been watching quite a number of movies the past 2 weeks, and decided to put up my ratings for the movies. A no brainer really

1. Next – 6.5/10

A movie worth a watch. The story line isn’t entirely new, but is not a rip off any other movie (i hope!). Nicolas Cage can be happy this one did not bomb in the box office unlike Ghost Rider.

2. Shooter – 7.5/10

Shooter is a movie about a ex US marine being conned into helping the wrong side. An assassination bid turns ugly, and the hero (Mark Wahlberg) is on the wrong side . How he escapes is what the story is about. The movie has good action sequences, and is fast paced. A nice movie to be watching on a boring day.

3. Ocean’s Thirteen – 8/10

After the pathetic Ocean’s Twelve, the director is back with a bang! This one keeps you to the edge of the seat with its classy mix of Tongue in cheek comedy, and a fast paced plot. Add to it the lovable crew, who take it on themselves to teach a lesson to the guy who cheats one of their own (Ruben). The background score is great as usual, the scenes gel together, and some of them are real smart. All in all, a movie you would love to watch!

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