Airtel and its ridiculous limits

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Just heard that Airtel India will be putting a cap to all unlimited internet connections! What they term as fair usage policy, is totally outrageous! Although there has been no official circular, many people have called up customer care for clarification, and it is indeed  true.This is what they have come up with

Speeds would be cut to half after crossing these limits:
256 – 10 GB
384 – 15 GB
512 – 25 GB
1 Mbps – 150 GB

And yea, these limits are for the total data transfer, so both uploads and downloads are counted. 10 GB a month for a 256k plan? What are they thinking? Airtel already has very costly plans, although customers are happy to pay a premium for consistent speeds, and very fast response from customer care. But THIS is pushing it! And they have a standard response that it is Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) ruling that has forced them to do so, and that all ISPs will follow suite. If that is the case, then TRAI needs to get its policies right, and fix up this mess! We Indians are already at the mercy of ISPs by paying hell a lot for something that is so cheap in other countries. And here we call 256k as broadband, something which cannot stream youtube videos smoothly. And ISPs in India have no policy on quality of service. They give what they please, and get away with it, quoting some lame unreadable clause in the user agreement.

I really hope they clear up all this mess and fast. I haven’t started facing the speed reduction as of now, so I’m waiting. Once it does happen, rest assured, I’m not going down.

P.S: Read this interesting post by another user who is facing the same problem. And spread the word. Call up airtel and make your point.

UPDATE 1: Seems that all plans about 1000 Rs a month will NOT be affected. Its only for those below 1000 bucks. So if you are on 512kbps or higher, you won’t be affected. Seems like cheap strategy to make more money

UPDATE 2: more details here

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3 alternatives to wordpress

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Bored of wordpress, or want to try out something different? These three blogging platforms are worth checking out:

1. Habari – What may seem like a bare bones system is actually quite sophisticated, once you get the hang of it. The basic installation is almost similar to wordpress, but may need some manual ftp intervention. The plugins and themes are drop and activate, and there are plenty out there in the wild.

But it will take some effort to setup your site to your requirements. Not much documentation is available, though there are lots of plugins. The admin interface is a BIG plus – its completely uncluttered, clean and functional. It may seem empty for those who are used to wp admin interface, but that does not mean its inferior.

Experienced bloggers and people with patience will find habari interesting. If you are the one-click-install-and-forget type, look elsewhere.

2.Chyrp – Chyrp is an interesting project with a very extendable architecture based on MVC design pattern. But that’s just for the developers. For a normal user, its a very simple blogging system, which focuses on simplicity and modularity. Its very lightweight(download size about 360kb). In addition to the normal themes, and modules, it offers something called feathers that allow you to arrange where stuff will be displayed on the webpage.

Developers in particular will be interested as it is well documented and has an active community. The API is pretty straightforward, and its actually easier to create plugins for chyrp, than wordpress. Novice programmers (like me) can start off extending chyrp pretty easily.

3. Serendipity – Although its better known than habari and chyrp, it deserves more attention. Its not exactly lightweight, but the installation package comes with some useful plugins, and documentation. Has extensive support for plugins, and themes(called templates). Since its based on smarty template engine, the API is well tested and robust.

Again, developers and php lovers would love to check out serendipity.

P.S : If there are other alternatives, please scribble a comment.

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Demonoid Is Back!

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Oh yea! The green demon is finally back! Hopefully all the issues have been solved, and the site will be back to full swing shortly.

Cheers to THE BEST torrent site !

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