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Farewell Pentium

Posted on August 16, 2006. Filed under: Computer, link 'o' mania, Technology |

Intel has finally decided to pull the plug on one of the greatest architectures of all time – Netburst. The phasing out will end in february 2007. A few celeron processors are also being phased out. Actually once its complete, you will only have conroe to chose from(i think)

The pentium 4 lineup has indeed served everyone well. Starting with P4 1.4ghz (which were either willamet or northwood) and ending with the prescott core, Pentium 4 has been the biggest success story of intel so far. A couple of years back, all people would say is “i have a p4 computer”. Well, there wasnt much of a competitor to it, although some enthusiasts did stick on to AMD.

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Information Week discusses what the writer thinks to be the greatest 12 software. Althouth may arent available in the open market, the first place is not surprising… its our own UNIX 🙂 keep in mind this isnt about the highest selling or most popular software. the ranking are based on the sheer briliant design

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Open Source is too complex!

Posted on August 8, 2006. Filed under: Computer, link 'o' mania, Technology |

So i decided to put up interesting reads in this category… the article of the day is zdnet’s article that points out that linux’s complexity is the biggest roadblock its facing… i would not completely agree though. Its just that we have gotten so obsessed with windows/mac that we find any other OS a big complex thing.

Zdnet Asia

And its merger time in the IT world!! after the big amd/ati merger, now its giants ASUS and Gigabyte that are rumored to merge. Why the hell do companies go on a merger spree when they are doing well is something i still dont understand. So are we facing a monopoly like microsoft in the hardware industy?? Just hope not.


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