Los Alamos From Below – Complete Audio

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For the uninitiated, “Los Alamos From Below” talk given by Nobel Laurate Richard Feynman at Santa Barbara on February 6, 1975. Richard Feynman was a theoretical physicist, an artist, a story teller all rolled into one. This unusual combination make him a curious character, who could not be ignored!

I personally am a great fan of his, and admire him for the kind of radiant personality he had. His hilarious experiments, his awkward social moments, his experiments on human phenomenon like dreams never cease to amaze anyone.

“Los Alamos From Below” is the story of how he was involved in the Manhattan Project, which gave the world the first nuclear bomb. Far from being a technical talk, this is actually quite funny, and very interesting for the unique narration style.

For the interested,grab the pdf transcript, and the audio here (crapidshare link)

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Miniature nuclear reactor!!

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Dailytech has an article on a  miniature nuclear reactor called “Hyperion Power Generation” that promises to be on the market within 5 years! So what you get is safe  electricity from your backyard! Fore more info visit hyperion

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Why you can’t divide by zero

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Ever wondered why you can’t divide by zero? Not convinced by your 4th grade math teacher telling you that you can’t divide something by nothing? This is for you then. Although I didn’t understand a word of it, I’m sure there are people that will.

Not for the fainthearted though.

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