Unforgettable Songs – Part 2

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If you missed the first part, check here for golden melodies like “Aye mere watan ke logo” and “Mile sure mera tumhara”

Who can forget “Lakdi ki kathi” from Masoom? Check out the youtube video or download the mp3 below


And the intro of Jungle Book for those who used to watch Doordarshan a long time back?


And an interesting tamil song by an unknown college, a tribute to the ID card system in colleges. Aptly titled ID-Cod


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The next great actor in tamil cinema – Sam Anderson

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Oh yea! Trust me guys, this is THE BEST video you can see this year. What acting skills, what dialog delivery, and what an amazing face! A few of his gems from youtube

And don’t forget to watch the rest on youtube!

Sam Anderson for Oscar!

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Dasavatharam Music Review

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One of the most expected tamil movies of 2008 had its music release ceremony on 25th April, with the chief guest being none other than Jackie Chan! You heard it right, the Hollywood action hero, who of late has been connected to India more often, was specially invited to the gala function and received the first copy of the CD. Will that make a difference to the quality of music? One can guess the obvious answer.

Music director Himesh Reshammiya obviously does not go through much of trouble – he has to select a good track from some other director, and remix it for his songs. And he has done the same here. The music is nothing new, is run of the mill and definitely not captivating.

Out of the six tracks, there is not one worth mentioning. The lyrics are not good either, even though they are penned by Vairamuthu and Vaali. Is this a preview of what we can expect from the movie? One hopes not.

Lyrics : 2.5/5

Music : 2/5

Vocals : 2.5/5

Overall : 2.5/5

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Why I’m starting to hate A.R.Rahman

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No one can question his talent, his achievement or his genius. When he scored music for “Roja” for the first time ever, the whole of india sat up and noticed. From then on, he has been redefining music with every movie. Tamil, Hindi, English… he has done them all. And he has been someone who has made Indian music popular, and taken it to the world over. But this isn’t a fan mail. This is actually, quite the opposite.

The grudge i hold against him is as someone who speaks tamil, and was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu. If anyone has noticed, the music he scores for Tamil movies isn’t exactly something one will relate to the maestro. Not at all! His recent tamil movies have been far below par, and i certainly don’t understand why. And to make matters worse, he is doing exceedingly well in Hindi movies. Is he too bored of scoring music for tamil movies, or is he trying to be indifferent, i know not. I’d rather prefer he stops scoring music for tamil movies, cause he isn’t justifying it.

Also, its his choice of vocalists that rubs salt to the wound. Almost all of his past 10 releases have at least two songs sung by a bollowood singer. Now im not against that IF they can pronounce tamil as it should be. Their shoddy pronunciation, sometimes which is just outrageous, is really leaving a bad taste in everyone. On the contrary, not many hindi movies have songs sung by people who cannot pronounce hindi properly. Why this one sidedness, is something only he can answer. Also, even his own delivery in many songs has been bad (Newyork Nagaram, Athiradee from Sivaji, etc). I was clueless as to what exactly he was singing, even though Tamil is my mother tongue, and i have been speaking it for the past 23 years! PLEASE STOP MURDERING TAMIL! Not only tamil, but any language for that matter. If you cannot get people to sing a few lines the way it has to be sung, why not get other vocalists?? Its not like Tamil movie industry lags behind in the quality or quantity of its singers.

I will always be a BIG fan of A.R.Rahman. His music is next to God to me. But even God’s make mistakes. So get back to your own self when composing tamil music, or don’t do it at all.

P.S : The songs of Jodhaa Akbar are simply mindblowing! What grace, and melody! Jashn-E-Bahaara and Khwaja Mere Khwaja are my picks for the week!

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The return of the Super Star!

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What a month is has turned out to be for Rajini’s new release “Sivaji”!!  After being delayed for more than 2 months, it finally hit the screen on June 15th to a crazed fan following. The movie has 4 biggies : Rajini as the hero, Shankar as the director, A.R.Rahman handling the music, and AVM producing the movie. When such a combination comes together, its no surprise that the movie was expected to shatter all previous records. And it has done exactly that in a very short time!

Hailed as the most expensive film in Indian history (the budget is rumored to be anywhere between 60 and 80 crores! ) the movie had to be a block buster to make profits. And it has proved in the first week itself that it will turn out to be a big money churner for the producers. After the miserable failure of his previous film, the super star had to make fans happy, and keep them engaged till his next big release. And he has done it in style!

The movie is the first tamil film to be featured in the UK top ten, when it grossed around 148 thousand dollars in a week, running in just 12 screens. It is making waves in Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, US , UK and is expected to make it big in Japan and Hong Kong. There is no doubt that it will be THE most profitable movie in Indian history!

The movie is pretty crisp. It has all the Shankar elements, will some intelligent scenes. The super star looks fashionable in a variety of clothes and hair styles, and does definitely look younger than his age. He doesn’t get to deliver many “Punch Dialogue” but  is slick and neat in his own way. Vivek provides the comedy factor in a very adorable way, with the comic scenes not going out of the main story line. It is refreshing to see such genre of comic relief in Rajni’s movies!

A very special mention to the sets by Thotta Tharani, and the camera work by Anand. The sets are just amazing and will leave the audience dumbfold. If you thought the glass palace in “Devdas” was good work, take a look at Sivaji’s songs! The movie is worth a watch just for the exquisite sets, and slick camera work.

My final score for sivaji – 8/10. It is a total entertainer, and is a typical super star movie! Don’t expect logical scenes. Just sit back, and enjoy the show!

Super Star Forever!

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