Splitsvilla and the art of making a crappy show

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So you take a bunch of guys and girls, put them in a place, ask them to date each other and then ditch ’em. That should make a cracker of a show right! Welcome to MTV India’s Splitsvilla, a show so disgusting and degrading, I’d prefer the contestants have a horrifying death.

I fail to understand the point of such shows. Lets compare a few other “reality” shows

1. MTV Roadies – Its bigger than Splitsvilla, and puts the contestants through various tasks. Of course there is the cliched reality elements in it in the form of voting out contestants, faking injuries, plotting against each other, horrible background music. But in all, definitely miles ahead.

2. Countless talent shows – They ask you to dance, sing, look good, crack jokes all with the masala factor. But then again, talent does count here.

3. V Launchpad – Supposedly the first reality show for aspiring rock bands, but with the X-factor to attract Indian TV watchers. Its good in bits, and some bands are talented. Probably my number 1 reality show, even though I don’t watch it regularly.

Now ladies and gentlemen, please enlighten me about Splitsvilla. What exactly are they trying to accomplish? Is it to:

  • Judge which pair looks best
  • See how many guys/girls one can dump
  • Get cheap publicity ala Bollywood so that they can date more people and then dump them later
  • Develop strategic thinking amongst the couples
  • Show off their skimpy clothes competing with our Bollywood “Bombshells”
  • Get the perfect jodi together, so that they have a “….and they lived happily ever after” ending

Here is the comparison chart:


So if your done pondering, shout your comments, and make them heard at MTV India’s twitter page here

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I’m officially educated

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I have, unofficially, gotten over with my M.C.A degree. If you wonder why “gotten over with” and not “completed”, take a wild guess. I’ve never been studious in the classical sense, especially what Indian parents consider as studious, and have NEVER liked any college in India. The whole system of:

  1. Have 80% attendance
  2. Write all tests whether you want to or not
  3. Mug your brains out 2 days before the exam
  4. Empty the useless knowledge in 3 hours
  5. Pray like crazy that the paper evaluator is in a good mood

just pisses me off like none other. But here I am, having successfully completed 10+2+3+3=18 years of education(phew!). So congrats to me.

Just for the heck of it, here is a list of things I have/haven’t done in these 18 years:

  • Bunked school (not college) so badly, my attendance was less than 60% and had to take my parents to get my board hall ticket. I scored 88.5% (lame)
  • Bunked college for “very” weird reasons
  • Won about every extra-curricular and co-curricular competition in school, except for academic awards
  • Joined an engineering course and discontinued after 6 months
  • Won district level Carnatic music competitions for 3 years
  • Learnt to play the Veena – for a grand total 5 days
  • Fought with a kid when I was around 12, and pushed him into a burning fire (both got burnt lightly)
  • Been kicked out of the class, by my mom, for not completing my assignments
  • Played Cricket and other random games for 12-14 hours a day, in summer, for about 70 days
  • Did a very lame and embarrassing mono act scene, and won the second prize out of a total of 3 participants

Ahh, those days.

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Don’t vote this election!

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You’ve seen it on T.V, heard it on radio, read all about it on the web. Everyone is busy giving a million reasons why you should vote this election. I’ll give you 5 reasons NOT to:

1. Its not going to make an iota of difference.Not one bit. If you think your vote counts, give yourself a tight slap or drown yourself, and think again.

2. Indian elections are a tug of war between political parties to get one-up over the other. We citizens are merely caught in the cross fire. All we can do is watch.

3. All that is said about 2009 general elections being the “most” important in Indian history is a load of bull. This is just another election, and its going to make the same difference as the others – None.

4. Name one political party that has actually done something they promised in their manifesto.

5.Confused whether you’ve to vote for the devil or the demon? I say stay at home, switch on your A.C and take a good break from your hectic schedule.

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Everything About Everything

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Boredom is the starting point of creativity. And stupidity. Sitting in my room on a lazy afternoon with absolutely nothing to do, I couldn’t help but think about ancient scriptures, mythical stories and the sort. A sudden realization that there are indeed lots of sources to learn about everything there is to learn. Here are a few:

1. Bhagavad Gita – The holy scripture of the Hindus. Its basically the conversation between Krishna, the mainfestation of God, and Arjuna, his disciple. Timeless as it is, it still holds relevant to the modern way of life.

2. Thirukural – A collection of 1330 couplets, categorized into 133 sections, with 10 verses each. Written by the Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar before the arrival of Christ, it is widely regarded as a complete reference covering almost all aspects of human life.

3. Calvin and Hobbes – Yes, I’m not kidding. Whoever said knowledge shouldn’t be fun? I won’t pretend to be a HUGE fan of Calvin and Hobbes, but I’ve read quite a few of their priceless adventures, and truly believe it might just have everything there is to know about everything.

And if you want to read the entire collection, head over to this site

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Just Sick!

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This is outrageous! What kind of a life form, let alone human beings, would do something like this? For those who are not sure of what I’m talking about, here is a little thing that happened yesterday in Mangalore, India.

Beating up girls at a pub – Check.

Chasing them like animals – Check.

AbusingĀ  and molesting them – Check.

So what are we missing here? All this in the name of culture? That’s bull $h1t ! Some dumass sick bastards doing all thisĀ  for a political cause. And I wonder where we all are headed? WTF were the other people doing there? I’m sick of having to put up with all this cheap shit happening in this country.

I’m a religious guy and I hope they are shot dead.

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